Batik Making Workshop

Learn how to make your own Batik as a way to honor one of Indonesia's beautiful heritage.

In this three hours of intensive and detailed workshop, you will learn the techniques of using traditional materials and equipments to create your very own Batik piece.

With a small material fee of 500K, you will finish the workshop with a deep learning of Batik making, and of course, your masterpiece.
All materials are included, so just come and lets get creative!
Saturday April 13th, 9AM.

Only limited spots available, so hurry and secure yours through or simply call us +62813 3742 3010

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Parachute Bali
Barre & Brunch

This Sunday, April 14th at 8AM.

Join us for an hour of Barre class with Roar Fitness, followed by a delicious and healthy brunch for only 250K!

Only limited spots available, so come and get yours secured by emailing us to or simply call us +62813 3742 3010 (also available on Whatsapp).

PS: Dont forget to bring your own yoga mat / towel!

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Parachute Bali
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Join us for our Farmer's Market! We have a ton of great vendors, live music, workshops, kids games and craft area, and - of course - amazing food and drinks!

Come and enjoy a day with your family and friends, highlighting the bounty of the season and this community. 
Vendors include:

  • Island Organics Produce

  • Jamu With You

  • IndoSole

  • Java Mountain Coffee and Chocolate

  • Indimete Nuts and spices

  • Bye Bye Plastic Bags

  • ...and more than 20 more!


Kids Gardening

We'll be holding a kids workshop in the garden at 9am - kids of all ages are welcome to come get dirty digging and planting in the garden, sowing seeds to bring home with them, and harvesting some veg for our chefs.

Adults Jamu Making Workshop

At 11am we'll have a mini-workshop for anyone who is keen to learn a bit more about using natural ingredients to make Jamu. We'll provide the materials needed to make your very own Jamu mixture for you to take home. Small materials fee of 100k. Sign up now, only 15 spots available! 


          " The Farmer’s Market has always been a coveted part of my weekly routine. Growing up, it was the weekend Market in Boulder, Jacob and I would always make the Wednesday Market in downtown Santa Cruz while we were dating, and then later we’d make the hour-long drive to get to Monterey while we were living in Big Sur. Market days always hold the promise of new finds, old faces and a gathering of people who all love food, farms and cooking. Our people.

A good farmer’s market brings a mixed crowd - chefs who are there for the days’ freshest produce, families keen to stock up for the week, as well as those who dip in for coffee and a pastry and maybe to catch up with a few friends. And that’s always my favorite part - you rarely go to your local farmer’s market without catching up with half your friends; whether you planned it or not.

One of our considerations when we designed Parachute was the marketplace. We wanted to create a space where you could pop in for a quick bite or even load up with provisions for the next few days. We’re putting the final touches on the market space now, and will offer a variety of housemade jams and preserves, soups and stocks and of course the pastry and bakery items you’ve come to love.

To kick off this last element of Parachute, we are throwing a real deal Farmer’s Market Event to bring together the farmers, vendors and craftspeople we rely on to make life work here on the island. We’ll have fruits and veggies, artisanal Jamu and Kombucha, textiles, ritual beeswax candles and herbal tonics, advocates from some of Bali’s leading edge ecology organizations and many more. And live music! What more could you want! " – Fiona 

Parachute Bali
Parachute Bakery and Market - Open from the 21st of May

The Parachute Bakery and Market is almost open! Our team has been hard at work preparing amazing pastries, takeaway breakfast and lunch options as well as market staples like juices, soups, salads and breads. We've got everything you need to fill up for the week, or just grab a bite from the hot kitcehn and hang under the parachute or down in the garden. We'll be open from 6am starting Monday, May 21st. Can't wait to see you!

Parachute Bali
Weekly Organic Produce Subscriptions

Only 10 spots available!

Parachute is teaming up with Island Organics Farm to bring you a 5kg box of freshly harvested goodies to the restaurant each Sunday morning. A select group of subscribers can enjoy the bounty of Bali delivered here to the neighborhood!

For 1jt per month, you'll get 15-20 varieties of greens, salad mix, broccoli, root veg, eggs and more each week.

Parachute Bali